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July 22, 2007

These are the things that I use to glow, to feel better, and to live a longer and more enjoyable life.

Healthy Living

They aren’t just fads for me…I’ve done the research.

Arbonne is PETA Sanctioned – uses no animal byproducts, does no animal testing, and shows me amazing results (and lord knows, after a year of Chemo and on HRT, my skin was causing me many tears when my dear friend put it in my hands). It is the one product that has caused me to actually take the time to make it a part of my day no matter how depressed, how sad, how non-functioning I am.

Now, I’ve made the whole house transition for Arbonne…shampoo, conditioner, sea salt exfoliant!! (i love this!!!!), skin conditioning oil, the six-step for face of course, protein shake, pre-packaged vitamins for women, body lotion, before and after sun care for body and hair, hormone balance cream, chap stick, herbal muscle and joint pain relief cream, self tan spray….it goes on and on now.

And the make-up – Ohhhhhhh, the make-up!!! And I’ve never even worn make-up!!! And these products are so pure, safe and beneficial that theoretically you could eat them! *the puppy did* lol.

I can be reached for more information at anytime!!

And Mona Vie…it’s a juice that I found during some chemotherapeutic and hormonal treatments last year and started drinking it during a time of multiple dental surgeries a week. At the time, I was unable to eat solid food for five months. Mona Vie, a beneficial juice with phytonutrients, made me feel better…so much better that it was noticeable.

And nothing was noticeable at that time.

So, after some time of deep reflection, I’ve decided to be an independent consultant for each of these products. Because I believe in them. Because they each have helped me at a time in my life when I didn’t think that anything could. When disease and treatments were ravaging my body and my skin from the inside out and I felt ugly and tired and depleted and then suddenly people were complimenting me and I started smiling again…

I want that for others. I want that passion and hope that I’m starting to feel stir in me to give hope to others who are feeling broken and sad and hopeless.

I shied away at first because of the stigma attached to people who direct market, but then I decided that I could either deflect the compliments and pretend that something major hadn’t happened in my life…or I could decide to stop being a version of the truth of me and live my life trying to spread these new and unexpected things that I had found…

beautiful skin, better sleep, more energy, and a goal. So, here I type.

In a recent study performed at the University of Florida, one of the first to investigate the benefits of the Acai Berry (used medicinally in Brazil for centuries), the Acai’s antioxidants destroyed cultured human cancer cells. Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the study showed extracts from acai (ah-SAH’-ee) berries triggered a self-destruct response in up to 86 percent of leukemia cells tested, said Stephen Talcott, an assistant professor with UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Mona Vie is a beneficial juice made of 19 fruits with the most essential being the Acai berry from Brazil. The Acai Berry is significant for many reasons, but most importantly because of its score on the ORAC scale, which measures how many anti-oxidants a fruit contains, which are known to fight cancer causing free-radicals. It has been thought until now that in the fight against cancer and heart disease, darker pigment berries such as the blueberry and the pomegranate were the most high level fruits on the ORAC scale (meaning they were the most critical to intake in the suggested 5-7 servings of fruit a day).

As of now, though, the Acai has been shown to eclipse by far all other fruit on the ORAC scale. A serving is 2 oz and the recommended dosage is a serving in the morning and one at night. The stories (mine included) have been phenomenal.

My Mona Vie website is Open Heart Open Mind

Again, – anytime. I believe in these products. They work for me. I’m passionate about them. They are organic, natural, pure, safe, beneficial, and show results…for me. So, I’m here to talk to you about them.


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July 10, 2007

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